San Diego Bachelorette Party Ideas

I had the honor of throwing my friends bachelorette party & I had the best time planning it, setting up for it & then enjoying all of the festivities. I wanted to share what I planned for the party & some of the things that I purchased that made this San Diego Bachelorette Party Classy but just racy enough to call it a bachelorette.

Awesome San Diego Bachelorette Party Ideas

The bride asked for the party to be hosted in San Diego, so first order of business was to find an awesome hotel that would be perfect for our gathering. I looked around at a lot of places in San Diego for the bachelorette party venue but the one that really stood out was the New Pendry Hotel in East Village. This hotel was recently built, its modern & beautiful. I went to see the kinds of rooms that they offered & decided to get the Grand Suite which would be big enough for the 22 girls that were invited to the party.

San Diego Bachelorette Party Ideas.

The Pendry hotel also has a beautiful pool & a hot night club called OXFORD SOCIAL, so I thought it would be a perfect place for all our activities. The plan was to invite everyone to the room for some champagne, snacks & games. Then we were going to head over to dinner at Cafe Sevilla & then end the night with lots of dancing at Oxford Social.

To make this San Diego Bachelorette Party a little more special that just a regular girls night out, I bought a lot of party favors, decorations & bachelorette gear.

Here are the 10 things that I bought that made this party so much fun.

I bought a bunch of things that at first seemed so silly & I was worried that no one would wear anything or have fun, but I was pleasantry surprised. Every penis headband, bead necklace & flashy ring was put to good use! My advice is go all out & get all the ridiculous things because it makes the bachelorette party that much more crazy & fun.

1) Penis Headbands – these were so funny & silly that everyone that put one on had a good laugh. I bought these pink ones but the ones on Amazon are also pretty amazing because it they look more real.

2) Flashing Bachelorette Party Rings – these rings were super fun in the room & they also worked out when we went out. They are super flashy and attract a lot of attention. I loved how they even decorated our table at the club! Highly recommend this fun party favor.

San Diego Bachelorette Party ideas

3) Bachelorette Sash, Crown & Veil – this set was really nice & I liked that it was an all in one. The tiara look really classy & the veil was very full & fun to wear. The entire thing came in a really pretty package & also included a sign & some bachelorette tattoos.

San Diego Bachelorette Party Plans

4) Blow up Doll – honestly this was probably the funnest thing that I got. Everyone had so much fun dancing with the doll, humping the doll. lol When we were at the club some people even attempted to take him. I highly recommend taking this guy out to dinner & to the club!

Pendry Hotel Room Decorations

5) Team Bride Sunglasses – these sunglasses were the perfect prop for our photo booth.

Best San Diego Bachelorette Party Ideas

6) Team Bride Necklaces – These were super cute necklaces that made everyones outfit a little more festinve.

7) Penis Banner – Pecker Party Fiesta Banner was a nice addition to the decor of the room.

San Diego Bachelorette Party Decorations

8) Penis Straws

9) Confetti Bottle Popper

10) Bachelorette Party Photo Booth Props – these were super fun. I also bought the bachelorette party tinsel & it was an awesome entertainment for all the girls. Who doesn’t like to take a ton of cute pictures?

San Diego Bachelorette Party Ideas
San Diego Bachelorette Party Ideas


Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal Bracelet

Liquid metal jewelry is so unique & stylish. This liquid metal bracelet seriously feels so soft & is amazingly light weight.

Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal Bracelet on Sale

Hi Friends. I wanted to show you guys my latest obsession! I discovered Liquid Metal Jewelry from a show called BREAKING BAD! Skyler White was wearing a Liquid Metal Bracelet & I was immediately intrigued. the bracelet is such a statement piece & gets attention everywhere I go!

“Your liquid metal bracelet is so cute! Where can I get one?”

Liquid Metal Bracelet

I’ve styled my liquid metal bracelet in so many ways. They have so many different version of this bracelet but I love this one because of the bling crystal in the middle of it. I wear it out so much & get so many compliments every time. I have another liquid bracelet that doesn’t have the crystal & can be worn everyday. It’s called the Wide Diamond Liquid Metal Bracelet – you can find it HERE. The thing that I love the most is that this bracelet feels so light weight. Its actually pretty large but when Im wearing it, it never bothers me on my wrist. The way that the liquid metal bracelet is made is so unique, the bracelet feels like butter on your hand.

How to Style Your Liquid Metal Bracelet
Liquid Metal Bracelet
Liquid Metal Bracelet

How to get motivated to workout.

What’s the thing that gets you motivated to get to the gym? For me, it’s staying healthy, fit & bikini season. 🙌

Here are 5 tips to make it easier for you to get that workout done!

TIP #1 – Put out your workout gear the night before – whether you’re working out in the morning, at lunch or in the evening, get yourself prepared. I workout in the mornings, so I lay out my cute outfit 🙂 the night before so it takes out the thinking in the am. If you’re already prepared, all you have to do is just show up.

TIP #2 – Set up your workout in advance – know what you are going to be doing before you get to the gym. It’s so easy to get discouraged when you get to the gym & you have no plan. I usually write down my workout the night before & then if I need to, I make adjustments as I go. It’s so much easier to just get it done when you have a set plan.

TIP #3 – Put in on your calendar – When we put things on our calendar, it’s harder to make changed & we are comitted. Make time in your day for your health & your workout. I schedule my workouts in the beginning of the month & I try to stick to the plan. Monday (Cardio), Tuesday (Weight Training), Wednesday (HITT & Abs), Thursday (Weight Training) & Saturday (Cardio). We all have busy lives & of course you won’t always be able to do what’s on the calendar, but even if you get 80% of it accomplished, that’s amazing!

TIP #4 – Get a good night’s rest – Sleep is sooo important! Seriously it’s my favorite activity! Haha just kidding. If you get good sleep, the next morning you will be so much more energized & ready to take on the day. When we are groggy, tired & cranky, the last thing we want to do is get that workout done. Getting good rest is vital to our health & will definitely help you the next day in your workout.

TIP#5 – Do it with a friend – Everything is better with a friend. 😉 If you find a support system to encourage you & keep you accountable, it will be easier for you to get that workout done. Sometimes I schedule workouts or I go on a walk with a friend & we get to catch up while doing something good for our bodies! It’s a win win. Hope these tips were helpful! Drop me a line & let me know what gets you to go to the gym!

Xo, Masha