Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal Bracelet

Liquid metal jewelry is so unique & stylish. This liquid metal bracelet seriously feels so soft & is amazingly light weight.

Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal Bracelet on Sale

Hi Friends. I wanted to show you guys my latest obsession! I discovered Liquid Metal Jewelry from a show called BREAKING BAD! Skyler White was wearing a Liquid Metal Bracelet & I was immediately intrigued. the bracelet is such a statement piece & gets attention everywhere I go!

“Your liquid metal bracelet is so cute! Where can I get one?”

Liquid Metal Bracelet

I’ve styled my liquid metal bracelet in so many ways. They have so many different version of this bracelet but I love this one because of the bling crystal in the middle of it. I wear it out so much & get so many compliments every time. I have another liquid bracelet that doesn’t have the crystal & can be worn everyday. It’s called the Wide Diamond Liquid Metal Bracelet – you can find it HERE. The thing that I love the most is that this bracelet feels so light weight. Its actually pretty large but when Im wearing it, it never bothers me on my wrist. The way that the liquid metal bracelet is made is so unique, the bracelet feels like butter on your hand.

How to Style Your Liquid Metal Bracelet
Liquid Metal Bracelet
Liquid Metal Bracelet